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Most people don't (and shouldn't) care.  I get it.

However, my good friends convinced me that some do care.  This website shows photos of my travels with the goal of not making anyone read words (except these and the Tolkien poem which has become meaningful to me).

If you have read this far you may care.  In that case, feel free to contact me at the following email and telephone:

If you figure out where the f I am by the photos and want to join me for a beer or bottle of wine please let me know and we will make that happen and I will enjoy it.  When I am in Europe I plan to have an apartment that can accommodate at least two guests so please consider a trip to visit.


Update: Monday, August 14, 2017


Thank you for following this web site and contacting me along the way.  Your kind wishes have touched me greatly and it is not possible to adequately express my appreciation to those of you who were kind to me along the way.  Thank you.

I reached my first destination in Santa Monica today and this part of my travels has been completed.  My postings to this web site will slow significantly until I start a new journey in the fall.  That is because there will be fewer opportunities to take photos that can match the visual impact of the past two months and I don't want this web site to become visually boring.


I plan to travel to London in late October 2017 and then spend the winter in southern Spain.  Check back in November to see photos of where I have decided to spend the winter. If you like what you see please visit as I will be sure to have at least one extra room for guests.

In the meantime, please contact me at the email and cell phone number above to stay in touch.

I hope to see you next winter.


Update: Sunday, October 14, 2018



Posting of photos will be reduced for the next month or so as I have returned home.  Because of that, everyone should know where the F Jim is (hint: at home).


I will start taking and posting more photos when I leave again just prior to Thanksgiving.  I will spend the holidays in Florida visiting my mom and then travel to Cape Cod, Mass, after the new year for the winter.


That is the plan at least.  I may get too cold and run home.  But, if I stay through the winter it should produce some photos worth posting.


Please contact me for a visit if you are going to be in the Washington, DC area between now and Thanksgiving or the northeast/Boston area after the new year.



Update: Christmas 2018



There are changes to my winter 2019 plans.  I decided that Cape Cod is too cold for me (OK, I chickened out).  My new plans are to spend the winter in Key West. So, as you are driving east, turn right instead of left when you get to the Atlantic Ocean.  Drive to the end of the road and call me. Please visit.


Where the f is Jim?

Update June 3, 2019



As I write this I am experiencing some exciting changes to my previously dismal life of the past few years.  I am currently in Charleston where I will be attending the wedding of Michelle’s daughter, Noelle, to Brandon.  So that answers the question of wheretheF I am.


Next, Michelle and I have moved from Key West to Sarasota, FL.  Key West was great and I will fondly remember my time there. But, as a person who enjoys running, cycling and motorcycling, living in a place with one road is a bit monotonous.  Of course, as a person who also enjoys swimming, living in Key West was wonderful. But three negatives out of four pushed me toward moving to achieve our most important goal of being closer to my mom.


So, we currently reside at 1620 Alta Vista Street, Sarasota, FL 34236.  It is a funky 100-year-old bungalow (which looks a lot like we brought it from Key West) with a guest room and guest bathroom (yea) and we hope you will visit anytime that we are there.  We are very new there but we quickly came to like the town and the area and will enjoy introducing it to you


Concerning your visit, please check with me before arriving because we may not be there.  We plan to do a lot of traveling this summer so we may be gone. Our travel plans include cycling across the country (On a Harley Davidson with a big motor.  Yea!) and maybe visiting the Bonneville Salt Flats during Speed Week. But it is possible that plans will change and we will be home. So, please check if you are in the area.  If not, we plan to be home most of the time through the fall and winter so you will be pretty safe to plan your visit then.


Michelle and I hope to see you soon.



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